Auditor Certification

How long will my PECB MS Auditor Certificate be valid for?

PECB MS Auditor Certificate is valid for three consecutive years.

What are the requirements of becoming PECB MS Auditor?

Main requirements of becoming PECB MS Auditor are:

  • Holding a recognized and valid ISO Lead Auditor certification
  • At least 5 years of related professional experience
  • At least 300 hours of relevant audit experience, of which at least 100 must be as a lead auditor.

For more information click here (link to the PECB MS Auditor Brochure or ).

What is Advanced Auditing Techniques Exam (AAT)?

One of the important requirements in order to finalize your PECB MS Auditor certification process is to pass the Advanced Auditing Techniques (AAT) Exam. The AAT course has been designed exclusively for the preparation of PECB management system auditors.