Certification of Products

Can the PECB logo be used in the certifications?

Yes, the PECB logo can be used in the certifications issued for the certified training course.

How to apply for Product Certification?

If you are interested to certify your training courses with PECB, please contact product.certification@pecb.com.

Is PECB accredited for Product Certification?

PECB is accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS) against ISO/IEC 17065 – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.

A PECB certified training course is a guarantee that the course has been independently evaluated and that it fulfills world-class requirements.

What are the benefits of Product Certification?

PECB has established a strong reputation and it represents a serious actor in the market of training, auditing and certification services. PECB has a network of professionals and experts interacting and contributing in a vision that is consisted of principles and values, professionalism and competence. PECB certifies training courses, allows training providers to stand out and stay competitive through certified training materials. Being certified by PECB gives you recognition and higher qualification chances in the training market. It helps you improve your training objectives and enhance your capacity to provide a voluminous and professional training material for your customers.

PECB is specialized in the development and creation of professional training materials, a practice which is built upon a research tradition and strongly committed professionals who are assigned to give their academic contribution and knowledge in the development of PECB training materials. The PECB team with their strong analytical skills will conduct the course evaluations, and will give confidence in the quality of your training courses.

What is Product Certification?

Product Certification is the process of certifying a product that conforms to a set of requirements and/or other related criteria. PECB’s range of product certification includes training course certification for various subjects such as Information Security, Quality Management Systems, Risk Management, Information Technology Service Management, as well as Health, Safety and Environment.

What is the cost of training course certification at PECB?

Training course certification prices are set on case by case basis.

For inquiries please contact us on product.certification@pecb.com or by dropping a service ticket and our Product Certification Department will contact you shortly.

What kind of products can PECB certify?

PECB certifies training courses, allowing training providers to stand out and stay competitive through certified training materials.

PECB assesses not only the quality of the content of the training course, but also the processes that support it, such as the qualifications of the training developers, the validity and effectiveness of the training methodology and the course material update process.