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How to create a private online exam session

PECB Authorized Testing Center can organize private online exam sessions using the Partner Dashboard. If your testing center has been authorized to organize PECB private online exam sessions, follow the steps below to create a private online exam. If you are seeking authorization, please contact us at

1. Log in to your PECB Partner Dashboard

2. Go to the Events tab and click on the Manage Your Examination Events: section

3. Click the Add a new examination event button

4. Select the exam session time span

5. Select the Exam Scheme Name

If you are going to create an exam with multiple exam schemes, please click on the Exam Scheme Name drop-down menu again to select other exams.

The drop-down list will contain only exams of the same time span. If you need to select an exam of anther time span, please create a new separate session.

6. Select the exam date and starting time

The given time on the PECB website is based on UTC. Please make sure to convert your local exam starting time to UTC first.

7. Select an Invigilator for the exam session and click the Create button

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