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PECB X2Go Client

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Enter the CLEH exam

  1. Download PECB X2Go client to connect to the Virtual Machine of Kali Linux

(Login to myPECB Dashboard, and go to https://pecb.com/en/cleh and click Download)

  1. After the download is completed, double click the downloaded file (setup)

  1. Click I agree

  1. Select the recommended installation type and click Next

  1. Choose the installation location and click Next

  1. Choose a Start Menu folder and click \Install

  1. After the installation is completed, click Finish

  1. Once X2Go is installed, double-click the application icon

  1. Use credentials sent to you via email to log in

  1. Enter the virtual machine

To enter the lab click on the created session and use your credentials to log in


  1. Kali Linux opens

Once you log in, Kali Linux will open

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