Downloading KATE

KATE is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

To download KATE for one of these operating systems, please follow this link: Download KATE.

How to get access to training material in KATE

After you have enrolled to a PECB course, please contact your training provider and ask them to assign the training course material to your PECB user account.

Once the training provider has assigned the course material to your PECB user account, please follow our KATE Manuals, which explain how to access the training course material accordingly.

Short-cut on how to log in to KATE app on all Operating Systems

After the course has been assigned to you by the trainer/reseller, it will appear in your “myPECB dashboard” under the “My Courses” tab.

Download KATE from the following link: https://pecb.com/kate, install it on your device, and login with your PECB account.

If the course is already linked to another device, and you need to link the course with your current device, click the Link to this device button and the course will be automatically unlinked from the previous device and get linked to your current device.

If you have ordered a self-study course, the course material should be assigned to you in advance. If you do not see the materials assigned in your PECB account, please contact the PECB Partner.

If you need more details on how to use KATE in a specific operating system, please use the manuals section of the PECB Help Center.

What is KATE?

KATE is an application that allows you to access PECB course materials. It requires you to login with your PECB account. Additionally, you can also send comments/feedback on course material and make personal notes.