Certificate Logos for Individuals

Each training course included in our portfolio obtains a logo (e.g., ISO 9001 Lead Implementer, ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor, ISO 14001 Lead Implementer). After attending the PECB training courses and successfully passing the certification exam, you can request for a customized certificate logo for the respective credential you have gained. Please see the guidelines below that show how to use the logo when you place it on marketing brochures or other relevant materials.

  • In print, the PECB logo should never appear smaller than 1 cm high.
  • On-screen, it must appear at least 28.5 pixels high.

Below is a template of the Certificate Logo for the ISO 9001 Lead Implementer credential.

If you need a customized PECB logo, please contact our Marketing Team at

Coupon Code

As there are fees for scheduling an online PECB exam and submitting a PECB certificate application, Partners will provide course participants with coupon codes through their PECB Partners Dashboard.

PECB course participants are provided with coupon codes, which depending on the event exam type, can be used for:

If the event exam type is paper-based, the coupon code is valid for:

  • Applying for the Certification if the exam is passed successfully;

If the event exam type is online, the coupon code is valid for:

  • Scheduling one first take online exam session;
  • Schedule one retake online exam session (if you have failed the first attempt);
  • Waive the Certificate application fee;

Participants will be provided with the coupon code via email from the PECB system, and in case the email is lost or not successfully delivered, the coupon code can also be found within the My Courses tab under the Coupon Code column.

The coupon code is bound to a specific PECB account and to a specific course. The coupon code cannot be used by another PECB account, nor for another PECB course.

Criteria of Becoming a PECB Partner

Organizations that are interested to become PECB Partners should meet the criteria below:

  • Proof that you have a registered business
  • Proof of the business certificate
  • Be a provider of professional training/auditing/consulting services. (e.g. training company/institute)
  • Meet PECB expectations – a willingness to market PECB courses, organize a PECB training event within the first 3 months of signing the agreement, etc.

The interested organization should fill out this form to become a PECB Partner and attach all the documents required, at which point the Business Development Department will evaluate the application and inform the organization for the next steps that should be taken.

Please note that the benefits vary depending on the level of the Partnership Scheme.

Requirements and Benefits of PECB Partners

PECB has designed the schemes of requirements and benefits to prepare PECB Partners to meet their customers’ needs as well as attract new customers.

The Partnership Level Scheme consists of 5 different levels. In order to be entitled to the benefits of this scheme and to progress to the next level, each partner needs to meet a set of specific requirements.

Learn more about the requirements and benefits of joining the PECB Partners.

Moreover, you will get:

  • Fixed price on training materials
  • Leading training materials in the industry
  • Professional and qualified trainers and auditors
  • Free marketing support
  • Visibility and brand recognition

PECB Accreditation

PECB is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) on the following ISO standard:

ISO/IEC 17024

PECB is an accredited Personnel Certification Body by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) under ISO/IEC 17024 – Requirements for bodies operating certification of persons

Further details about accreditation and its related certificate can be found here.

PECB Brand Book

The PECB Brand Book is a tool to help guide and strengthen the body of visual communications that will build PECB into a highly recognized and respected brand. The information provided in this manual brings a solid foundation to the PECB brand, while allowing the artistic and creative flexibility needed to create high-quality and visually stunning communications. This brand manual is developed for the benefit of the PECB network, partners, or certified professionals and those who are considering buying into the brand.

The manual guide is for both print and web, and the guidelines listed in this manual should be followed in both cases.

For more information, check the PECB Brand Book.

PECB Brochures

Our brochures serve as a simple guide to conceptualize and better understand the importance and benefits of attending a PECB training course.

They provide detailed information about PECB training courses, including the training course schedule, learning objectives, the certification process, and other relevant information (Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits, certification fees, etc.)

The following represent the main PECB training course brochures:

  • The one-page brochures, which include general information about a specific training course
  • The four-page brochures, which include more detailed and specific information about the respective training course

For more information about PECB brochures, please click here.

PECB Media Room

The “Media Room” page on our website serves as a tool to keep you updated on the latest trends, recent articles and whitepapers, upcoming and past webinars, and a lot more. If you are interested in the newest updates at PECB, please visit our Media Room.

PECB News Release

A “News Release” is a communication published on our website for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. So, whenever we have new information to be announced including a new training course launched, a new partnership, course updates, we publish a news release to make it easier to keep our partners and clients informed with the current updates within PECB.

To get the latest PECB news, click here.

PECB Newsletter

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that serves as information of interest to PECB Certified Individuals, Resellers, Trainers, and all subscribers. The newsletters include the most important news about our industry during a period of time. Moreover, we send different newsletters to our network, resellers, and trainers whenever we have any specific information or topics of their interest.

Besides newsletters, we send releases in a monthly basis to inform our network about updates, news, and activities that have happened during a month at PECB.

To subscribe and receive PECB Newsletters, click SUBSCRIBE.

PECB Services

PECB offers the following services:

Click on the links for more information.

PECB Social Media Channels

A great way to keep up with the latest trends and updates, join constructive community discussions, and be active in the fast-moving modern world is to become part of a worldwide network of professionals by following PECB’s official Social Media pages below.

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What is PECB?

PECB (legal name “PECB Group Inc.”) is a certification body which provides education and certification under ISO/IEC 17024 for individuals on a wide range of disciplines.

We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, and certification against internationally recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with services that inspire trust, demonstrate competence, and benefit the society as a whole.

Our key objectives are:

  1. Establishing the minimum requirements necessary to certify professionals
  2. Reviewing and verifying the qualifications of candidates to ensure they are eligible to apply for the certification evaluation
  3. Developing and maintaining reliable, valid, and current certification evaluations
  4. Granting certificates to qualified candidates, maintaining records, and publishing a directory of the holders of valid certificates
  5. Establishing requirements for the periodic renewal of PECB certificates and ensuring compliance with those requirements
  6. Ascertaining that our clients meet ethical standards and adhere to the PECB Code of Ethics
  7. Representing its members, where appropriate, in matters of common interest
  8. Promoting the benefits of certification to organizations, employers, public officials, practitioners in related fields, and the public


Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive examination and certification services that inspire trust and benefit the society as a whole.


Our vision is to become the global benchmark for the provision of professional certification services.


Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness


Beyond Recognition

Our Services

PECB continuously publishes topmost innovative training courses through its best experts in the field for the provision of education and certification services. PECB’s expertise is in multiple fields, with a special emphasis in:

Information Security and Resiliency

– Information Security

– Continuity, Resilience, and Recovery

GRC and Privacy

– Governance, Risk, and Compliance

– Privacy and Data Protection

– Anti-Bribery

Quality and Sustainability

– Quality and Service Management

– Sustainability

– Health and Safety

For more information about our offerings, please visit our list of PECB Training Courses.

Our Accreditation

The value of the PECB certification is strictly validated by the accreditation of the International Accreditation Service (IAS) under ISO/IEC 17024. PECB is an associate member of The Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR), a Full Member of the International Personnel Certification Association (IPC), IPC MLA Signatory Member, and a member of Club EBIOS. For detailed information, click here.

Our Leadership

It is through the commitment and devotion of our people that excellence is achieved and always reflected in our services. Our objective is first-rate support and our constitution is quality. Our management team has taken an oath to quality without compromise.

Meet PECB Management

Our Committees

PECB has established a number of committees comprised of experts from all around the world. Each committee has a dedicated purpose, mission, and rationale. The PECB Scheme Committee involves a group of international high-level professionals who continuously review and ameliorate the PECB internal schemes. The committee members are carefully chosen to be independent and industry experts with rich experience and track record.

At the same time, the Impartiality, Ethics, and Appeal Committee is comprised of external specialists who are responsible to receive and resolve issues relate to the PECB Code of Conduct, and other ethical matters. The Training Courses Review Committee gathers from all around the world to discuss, review, and improve the PECB training courses. This committee, jointly with the Training Development Department takes important decision with regard to the actions to be taken for the PECB training materials.

Our Network

The PECB Network is the global network of Distributors, Partners, Trainers, and Certified Individuals which is present in more than 150 countries. It is through this continually growing international network that PECB ensures global presence and customer support in all its excellence.

Professionalism is in our name and excellence is our modus operandi!


Work with PECB

PECB is always open to new partnerships with professionals and organizations in our field of services.

Become a PECB Certified Trainer

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