PECB Accounts

How many categories of users are in the system?

The PECB system is based on three different user accounts that are associated with unique email addresses. The same email address cannot be associated with another PECB account. The PECB system user account types are the following:

PECB Account – This account is dedicated to Individuals interested in enrolling in a PECB training event, scheduling an online exam session, and applying for a PECB Certification. The PECB account is associated with an email address and a PECB ID Number. Within the account one can find the myPECB Dashboard which provides features for:

  • Certification maintenance;
  • Course content access management;
  • Examination profile;
  • Billing history;
  • The form for questions submission;

PECB Reseller Account – This account is dedicated to companies interested in becoming PECB Resellers. Having an active Reseller Account is a mandatory requirement for Resellers, as, through the Dashboard, Resellers can:

  • Maintain the Reseller Profile;
  • Maintain connections with Certified Trainers;
  • Publish PECB training events;
  • Manage existing training events;
  • Manage access to course contents;
  • Review invoices;

PECB Certified Trainer Account – This account is dedicated to individuals willing to become PECB Certified Trainers. All certified trainers are provided with a Trainer account that is associated with a unique email address not previously used in the PECB system. The Trainer Dashboard allows trainers to:

  • Maintain their Trainer Certificate;
  • Manage their course content;
  • View the details of the training events;
  • Maintain connections with the PECB Resellers network;

I did not receive a confirmation email

Please check your credentials once more if you have not received a confirmation email. If your credentials are correct then just drop a service ticket.

I forgot my password and or credentials of my PECB Account

If you have forgotten your password for any type of PECB Account, simply click the Forgot Password link.

By entering your email address or ID Number to which the account is registered, a reset password link will be sent to your email address.

If you are facing delays in receiving a reset password link, please contact us by dropping a service ticket.

My login email is not accepted

PECB Account: 

Please make sure to log in with the email address associated with your PECB Account or your ID Number.

Trainer Account:

If you have become a PECB Certified Trainer after 2018-10, then your PECB Account and Trainer Accounts are linked with the same pair of credentials. Simply use the profile switcher at the top-bar of your PECB Dashboard to switch from one profile to another.

If you have become a PECB Certified Trainer before 2018-10, and you are not able to access your Trainer Dashboard, please contact our Customer Service team by dropping a support ticket