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KATE for IOS (v.3.2)

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After enrolling in a PECB course you will receive an email confirmation from PECB, notifying you that the course materials have been assigned to your PECB Account on the first training day. If you do not see the training course in your PECB Account, please ask the Reseller/Trainer to assign the course to you.

Note if you have ordered a self-study material to study on your own, the course material should be assigned to you earlier. If you don’t see the materials assigned to your KATE account, please contact the Reseller to assign the course material to your account.

1. Install and open KATE

On the training day, please download and install KATE using the IOS app store.

2. Homepage view

After you log in, all the courses assigned to your account will become visible. You can access a specific course by clicking the LINK COURSE button.

If the desired course is linked to another device, and you need to link the course with your current device, click the LINK COURSE button and the course will be automatically unlinked from the previous device and get linked to your current device.

Please note: A course can only be linked with one device at a time.

3. Linked Course

After clicking the LINK COURSE button, you will be provided with the training materials which you can view by clicking a specific course day.

4. Submenu for a Course

In the homepage, please swipe left, and click on submenu at the top right corner, in order to add Feedback or Personal Notes.

5. Slide View

You will be able to view the slides, and also the notes relevant to a specific slide at the bottom section of KATE. You can navigate through slides using the </> arrows, and zoom in or zoom out through finger control.

To view a slide in full-screen mode, click the full-screen icon located at the lower right corner of the screen. Note that viewing a slide in full-screen mode will remove the notes, and you will see only the slides.

6. Personal Notes List

You will have access to all the notes you have saved using the Personal Notes option available on the main menu. All notes are associated with a specific slide, and you can open the slide by clicking the note.

7. Feedback List

You will also have access to all the feedback messages you have sent to PECB under the Feedback to PECB option. You can click on a feedback message to open the slide for which the feedback was submitted.

8. Sign out of KATE 

When you decide not to use a device for accessing PECB course materials, please go to the About page, and click the Unlink this account button.

9. myPECB Dashboard

The list of courses you have available is also visible within your PECB Account under the My Courses tab. You can link/unlink your course materials from one device to another using this tab also. You can do so using the Link/Unlink buttons which will open a list of MAC Addresses retrieved from the devices you have currently/previously installed and used KATE with.

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