Trainer Certification

Are there fees to be paid?

No. We do not charge any payment/fee/commission on the process of obtaining a PECB Certified Trainer certificate.

Can a PECB Trainer invigilate the trainees he/she has trained?

No. The PECB Trainers are not allowed to invigilate their own trainees.

Can a PECB Trainer organize a PECB training course?

No. PECB training courses can only be organized by PECB-authorized Resellers (unless the Trainer is also a PECB-authorized Reseller). If you have clients interested in taking a PECB training course, please contact any Authorized Distributor (

Can I add more experience details at the Trainer eligibility form?

Yes. Simply use the Add another document link to add an additional form.

Can I become a PECB Certified Trainer if I have less than 5 years of professional experience?

The list of PECB Lead Certification requirements includes a +5 year professional experience. Therefore, one cannot become a PECB Certified Trainer if the +5 years of professional experience requirement is not meet.

Can I close the Trainer Certification process?

Yes. If you would like to stop the Certification process to continue at another time, simply close the session and the system will store the already completed steps.

Can I review the Live Presentation?

Yes. Once you are done recording the Live Presentation, you can review the recorded session by using the Video Player settings.

Can I skip the PECB Presentation Video?

No. It is mandatory to view the Trainer Presentation video before taking the Trainer Quiz. When the video is played for the first time you will not be able to fast forward or rewind, as it is important to watch the video entirely because the Trainer Quiz step is solely based on the 35-minute video. After the first time, you can go back to the video and fast-forward or rewind, or refresh your memory before taking the Trainer Quiz.

Can I teach PECB courses without having a PECB Certified Trainer active account?

No. The ‘PECB Certified Trainer’ certificate cannot be obtained without having an active PECB account, and training events cannot be created with you as the Trainer, without having an active/accepted account.

Can I use my existing PECB Account to submit my Trainer Eligibility form?

Yes. The PECB Trainer Eligibility form will become available after you click the Become a Certified Trainer link and then log in to your PECB Account to submit the form. Or you can log in to your PECB Account first, and then click the Become a Certified Trainer link to open the Trainer Eligibility form.

Do I get access to the training materials of the PECB courses I am certified/eligible to teach by becoming a PECB Certified Trainer?

Yes. As a PECB Certified Trainer you will gain access to the training course materials for courses you are certified/eligible to teach. You will be able to access the course materials using PECB KATE app.

How can I reopen the Trainer Certification process?

To reopen the Certification process, please follow the steps below:

  1. a) Login at your PECB account;
  2. b) Click the Trainer Certification tab;
  3. c) Click the “Incomplete” button to continue with the steps

How long does it take for my Trainer Eligibility form to be reviewed?

Upon submitting your Trainer Eligibility form, your application will be reviewed within 48 (business) hours. Once the review is completed, we will reply to your request for receiving the Trainer Certification application form.

How long does the Live Presentation last?

The length of the Live Presentation recording is 5 minutes.

How long will my PECB Certified Trainer certificate be valid for?

PECB Certified Trainer certificate is valid for three years without interruption.

How many attempts do I have to pass the Trainer Quiz?

There are three attempts available to successfully pass the Trainer Quiz.

How many questions does the Trainer Quiz have?

The Trainer Quiz consists of 13 questions.

How to accept Partners invitation/request to train?

Please log in (or switch) to your PECB Trainer Account and at your Trainer Dashboard click the Training Partners tab. Then search the Take Decision column and choose to Accept or Reject the invitation/request.

How to add additional certificates in my Trainer Account?

Please log in (or switch) to your PECB Trainer Account and at your Trainer Dashboard click the ‘Applied for’ tab. In the left side of the screen, please click on the ‘Apply for a new certification category’ and add your additional PECB Lead Certificate(s). Once we approve your request(s), you will be listed as a Trainer for the respective ISO scheme/credential.

How to become a PECB Certified Trainer?

In order to become PECB Certified Trainer, please click here. This manual will walk you through the steps you should follow to apply for a Trainer Certificate.

Is the Trainer Quiz mandatory?

Yes. The successful completion of the Trainer Quiz during the Trainer Certification process is a mandatory requirement in the Trainer application.

Is there any type of examination during the PECB Trainer Certification process?

Yes. During the Trainer Certification process, it is required to take a short 13-question quiz. The quiz is solely based on the Video Presentation step, which is the previous step showed.

What happens if I fail all the attempts?

If you fail all three quiz attempts, please contact the PECB Trainer Program Manager at

What happens if my application is approved?

Once your application is approved, your PECB Account will be upgraded to include a Trainer Account/Dashboard as well. You can switch between your PECB Account and PECB Trainer Account by selecting the options on the top-right corner, next to your name at “Login in as:”.

What happens if my application is rejected?

Your application can be partially rejected, meaning that PECB will require you to provide further information regarding any specific step(s) of the Trainer application (e.g. redo the Live Presentation, obtain and upload the PECB Certificate, elaborate more on the Interview answers, etc.). In this case, you can simply update that specific step from the application and resubmit it.

Your application can also be rejected in its entirety – meaning that the information provided in the Trainer application is not sufficient and/or does not meet the minimum criteria to become a PECB Certified Trainer. You will receive a notification along with an explanation on what was missing, and/ or what criteria was/were not met.

What is the Trainer Quiz passing score?

The PECB Trainer Quiz passing score is 80%.

What should I present?

You can use the drop-down menu at the Live Presentation step to select slides of the course you would like to present about (e.g. ISO/IEC 27001 LA; ISO 22301 LI).

What type of test questions does the Trainer Quiz contain?

The Trainer Quiz consists multiple-choice questions, solely based on the previous 35-minute Trainer Presentation video.

Where can I find the PECB Code of Ethics?

The PECB Code of Ethics can be found on the following link:

Where can I find the PECB Trainer Eligibility form?

The Trainer Eligibility form can be found upon clicking the Become a PECB Certified Trainer link in our website.

Where is my Trainer Certificate located?

Into your PECB Trainer Account. In the Trainer Dashboard, click the My Certificate tab, and then the Download button.

Why do I have to provide a Live Presentation during my Trainer Certification process?

To demonstrate and showcase your presentation skills, and us to review those presentation skills before making a decision on your Trainer application.

Why should I create a PECB Trainer account?

To become part of the PECB network of Certified Trainers, and become certified/eligible to teach PECB training courses through the PECB network of Authorized Resellers, it is required to have an active/accepted PECB Trainer account. The PECB Trainer account also serves the purpose of digitally accessing PECB course materials using the PECB KATE app.

Will filling the PECB Trainer Eligibility form be sufficient for me to become a PECB Certified Trainer?

No. PECB will review the eligibility form and take an initial decision based on the CV and responses provided by the applicant. If the criteria are met, the Trainer Certification application form will become available to the candidate. The candidate will be notified about this via an email from the PECB system.

‘Next’ button is not working on the Live Presentation step?

Please check your:

  • Site settings (make sure a microphone is also Allowed).
  • Browser Settings and Windows settings (turn microphone and camera ON)?

If all of these are checked, and the issue still persists, please check your camera and microphone for any technical issues or contact the Trainer Program Manager: