Multiple-choice exams

1. How many types of PECB multiple-choice exams are available?

There are two types of multiple-choice exams:

  1. Open-book where the candidates are allowed to use the following reference materials:
  • A hard copy of the exam-related ISO standard
  • Training course materials (accessed through PECB Exams app and/or printed)
  • Any personal notes taken during the training course (accessed through PECB Exams app and/or printed)
  • A hard copy dictionary
  1. Closed book, where candidates are not allowed to use anything but the exam paper and a pen for paper based, while for online, the exams are provided electronically via the PECB Exams application.

Note: Essay-type exams will be gradually transitioning to multiple-choice, open-book exams.

2. Why the Foundation exams are multiple-choice and closed-book?

Foundation exams require minimum knowledge and they cover fundamental elements of the ISO-related standards, and basic theory that is presented in the reference materials. Therefore, they have been designed to be closed-book questions as answers could be found straight from the reference materials. Open-book exams are accepted when questions are scenario based, and candidates are asked to read and are expected to provide answers to one or more questions related to a specific scenario.

3. Why the same exam is available as Essay type and Multiple choice?

Originally all PECB exams were designed as essay-type, now Essay-type exams are gradually transitioning to multiple-choice, to cover broader content, and have a more efficient grading process. As this is a major change, PECB has decided that during the transition period, both types of exams will be available to candidates. Once the transition is over, only the multiple choice option will be remain available.

4. How many types of Foundation exams are available? Are they aligned in all translated languages?

Most of PECB Foundation exams in English consist of multiple-choice questions, however, there are some exams that have not yet completed the transition and can still be found as essay type. Same applies for the Foundation exams in other languages than English, where some have been translated as multiple choice, while the others remain as essay type.

For specific information about exam types, languages available, and other details, visit the List of PECB Exams

Note: All Foundation essay-type exams will be gradually transitioning to multiple-choice closed-book exams.