PECB Network

PECB Auditor

A PECB MS Auditor is a person who is authorized to conduct audits on behalf of PECB.

To learn the steps of becoming a PECB Certified MS Auditor, please click here.

PECB Partner

PECB Partners are entitled to sell PECB services to their customer base.  A PECB Partner can be any organization that meets the criteria below:

  • Proof that they have a registered business
  • Valid business certificate
  • Be a provider of professional training (e.g. training company/institute/university)
  • Meet PECB expectations – a willingness to market PECB courses

To become a PECB Partner, the interested organizations should fill out this form and attach all the documents required.  Upon submission, the Business Development Department will evaluate the application and inform the organization on the next steps that should be taken.

To learn more on the requirements and benefits of joining the PECB Partners, please click here.

PECB Trainer

PECB Trainers are individuals who are entitled to deliver PECB Training Courses.

The first step of becoming a PECB Trainer is to fill out the Initial Trainer Application.

To learn more about the PECB Trainer Certification Program, please click here.