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Becoming a PECB Certified Trainer

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PECB is committed to ensuring that it offers quality courses that are delivered by high-caliber professional trainers. Good public speaking and general communication, interpersonal skills, and expertise in the professional field are some of the qualities that make an exemplary trainer.

The PECB brand is represented worldwide through its wide network that includes around 2,000 PECB Certified Trainers.

Trainers are the face of PECB and consequently have a considerable impact on how the organization is perceived by our clients. Each and every Trainer makes a statement on PECB, on how they present themselves to the clients and project an image that fosters confidence and trust in PECB. The Trainer position while an honorable profession, it entails a lot of challenges and demands, including holding corresponding certificates for the courses Trainers deliver, as this is another guarantee for course participants that training sessions are delivered by Trainers who have obtained and maintain the highest level of competence, which protects PECB’s reputation as a premium brand.

Why become a PECB Certified Trainer?

Professional development is what every individual seeks and we are here to support your professional development on your way to the top. The role of a PECB Trainer is to provide clients with the knowledge and skills to perform better in their role or position. To do so, trainers should be well-prepared and organized, up to-date with current trends, have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and portray loyalty to clients and PECB.

Some of the benefits of holding a PECB Trainer Status are:

  • Sharing knowledge builds your profile as an expert
  • Well paid training mandates
  • Leading training material in the industry
  • Opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals from the same field
  • Worldwide teaching

How to become a PECB Certified Trainer?

Your journey starts by simply applying here: https://pecb.com/en/trainereligibility.  For the step-by-step description refer to PECB Trainer Certification Program Manual.

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