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Becoming a PECB Partner

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Becoming a PECB Partner

As a certification body for individuals, management systems, and products, PECB operates globally through its network of more than 2,000 authorized Partners in over 150 countries. PECB Partners are authorized to distribute PECB services locally and abroad to their clients. PECB provides all the necessary help to its Partners so they can perform better and distribute PECB services to their clients in the most optimal way possible.

Why become a PECB Partners?

PECB supports your growth in the current market, while also providing you with the materials needed to succeed in the industry. Becoming a part of the PECB world of professionals is not the only benefit that you will get when you enter into a partnership with the leaders in the field of Certification of Standards.

  • PECB offers you international recognition;
  • PECB certifications are accepted everywhere;
  • We offer our Partners support for sales and marketing that will lead them to greater success;
  • New source of income without upfront investments;
  • Profitable training even with small groups;
  • Quality training materials in multiple languages;
  • Opportunity to provide training with your trainer;
  • Support and pedagogical framework.

Levels of PECB Partnership

PECB offers a level scheme envisioned to structure the partnership and canalize joint efforts to reach common goals and increase mutual benefits. At this stage, we have designed partnership levels and packages:


For further details and explanations of each partnership level, here is the link to the Partnership Level Scheme document.

How to become a PECB Partner?

If you are interested in joining the PECB partnership network, please complete the Reseller Application Form and attach all the documents required. Your application form will be reviewed and our team will contact you within 48 hours.

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