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What is an Invigilator?

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Most of PECB Courses require to pass an exam on the last day of the training course as a prerequisite to obtaining certification. To comply with the ISO/IEC 17024 requirements, PECB exams must be supervised by independent invigilators (also known as Proctors).

PECB Partners need to register an invigilator at least one week before the exam. The registration can be done through the Partner’s Dashboard by invitation only. The link to complete the registration form will be sent to the selected candidates via email by the Partner. For more detailed instructions, contact invigilator@pecb.com

The person selected by the Partner for the invigilator role shall meet the following requirements:

  • Be literate
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not have a physical or mental condition, such as visual, hearing, or speech impairments, that could affect the supervision task
  • Be fluent in the language that the exam is conducted or the language spoken by the exam candidates
  • Never have been convicted of a crime or sanctioned by any professional organization
  • Not have attended any PECB training nor sat for a PECB exam in the last six months before approval. In addition, invigilators cannot attend any PECB training nor sit for a PECB exam within a 6-month period after invigilating an exam.

After PECB receives the application form, if the applicant meets all requirements, they will receive an email approval confirmation that will include the exam supervision instructions. The approved invigilator must read the Invigilator Guide and is expected to follow the rules, responsibilities and procedures outlined in this document.

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